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Set for Boys


Special offer in 2020 for 300 euro + crystals by Swarovski.

This price (300 euro | Deposit €100) include :

• vest design in all embroidery.

• For free 100 crystals by Swarovski ss 30 for your vest.

• Photo session with a professional photographer with your order in this year 2020. (You’ll receive 10 digital photos if you sign permission which allows me to use these photos for my marketing purposes)

My costumes come with a 10 % discount for future alterations in this vest.

You can also get 20 % off for the next vest in the future with an order in this year 2020.

All this in special offer with deposit payment until 30th October 2020. The order can be preceded in 2021 if you wish. I can also provide you with Irish Dance costume bags.

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Terms & Conditions

1. The special offer is valid from September 30 to October 30, 2020. A deposit fee is required.
2. Up to 14 days after paying the deposit, you can cancel your order, and I will refund your entire deposit. After 14 days it’s non-refundable.
3. Making a deposit means reserving one set for you from special offer.
4. There is a limit of 10 sets in a special offer.
5. I offer you a great after-sales service with a 10% discount on future corrections. This discount is valid for 3 years from the day of collecting the costume, so it can also be used by the person selling the costume.
6. Special offer Also includes a 20% discount on another costume for the same dancer. This discount must be used when ordering another costume within 12 months of receiving the first costume.
7. The special offer covers the offers mentioned in the content.
Service of designing, sewing and embroidering an Irish dance costume with embroidered headpiece and kick pants for girls, and without for boys.
The set for a girl dancer also includes a replica of this costume in size of an American girl doll decorated with crystals, but not Swarowski crystals.
The set also includes 200 crystals by Swarovski SS 30 to decorate girl’s costume and 100 crystals by Swarovski SS 30 to decorate boy’s vest.
The other necessary crystals by Swarowski are not included in the set and must be purchased separately.
8. The special offer also includes photo session.

You receive 10 digital photos if you sign permission which allows me to use these photos for my marketing purposes.

If you do not agree to the publication of photos from the session, the session may be held on your request, but it will not be for free. You will have to pay 150 euros for the photo session. Decision is up to you.