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Irish dance Class Dress Replica


Irish Dance Solo Dress Replica

I do not use Swarovski’s crystals to dress replica

3-4 weeks waiting time to complete your order


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Terms & Conditions

  1. I create custom made Irish dance dress replica for American girl doll in size 18 ”.
  2. I do it just if you have permission from the designer class dress or your solo dress.
  3. The solo dress cost is 300 euro. The class dress cost is 150 euro. + postage.
  4. To make it, I need clear photos of the embroidery design. Front and back. The better picture you send the better the result will be.
  5. For replica dresses, I don’t use Swarovski crystals. Very small sizes of Swarovski crystals are not available.
  6. If you want me to do a dancing pump, add + 20 euro to the price. White poodle socks add +8 euro.
  7. The waiting time for the execution of the order is 4 weeks, however, it depends on the number of orders remaining to be completed