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Welcome to Celtic Dress Design

I’m Margaret, and I specialise in the unique and outstanding custom-made Irish dancing costumes.

I’m an expert in dress design, a professional dressmaker since 2004 and an embroidery designer since 2017.

I provide high-quality services using professional equipment.

My business, Celtic Dress Design was established on 23rd September in 2019 and is situated in Ballina,

The Mayo Republic of Ireland.

An inspiration to start my business comes from my daughter Olivia and her passion for Irish dancing.

Works as a model in our company as well.

We love to mix traditional Celtic art with modern fashion design.


 Our Celtic Dress Design costumes are designed uniquely

for each dancer and each project starts with a personal

consultation, so the costumes are tailored to the needs of the dancer.

Our costumes also have the possibility for future alternations and transformations.

We use high-quality materials and add extra bling to the costumes using crystals by Swarovski.

Every detail in the costume is hand-designed and hand-finished individually to the highest quality.


My Mission

My mission is to solve your problems and make your or your Irish dancer's dreams come true.

My Vision

My first two dress designs in Celtic Dress Design have a story. Embroidery is gold, like my logo Celtic Dress Design. The First dress is Green like Ireland. The second dress is Red. The Dresses match like Mayo colors Green & Red. In this way, I want to say New brand Celtic Dress Design comes from County Mayo.
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